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Tulsa’s Seth Bagwell – Oklahoma Army National Guard Spotlight

Seth Bagwell always knew he wanted something more for his life. Exactly what that was, he just wasn’t sure. That was until an Oklahoma National Guard recruiter showed up at his high school. Bagwell was only 16 at the time, but the Guardsman left an impression that stuck and Bagwell made the decision to join the National Guard.

“I was a junior in high school at the time and I was 16. Some National Guard members came to my school and talked to us about the benefits of joining and all you could gain from it. I’ve always wanted to join the military and I felt like this was the perfect way to kick my career off. So the day of my 17th birthday I applied. Staff Sergeant Sloan helped and guided me in every way possible. He went out of his way in multiple occasions on make sure I had what I needed and got me to the places I needed. Then three months later I was enlisted,” said Bagwell.

The Tulsa native said he wanted to become a better person and the military was the best step for him.

“The main reason I joined was to just be a better person all around. I wasn’t doing anything productive with myself. I was lazy and sat around wasting my time. I knew that the discipline, motivation, and experience I could gain out of joining the military was the best option for me,” said Bagwell.

His job in the National Guard is an 11 Bravo or Infantryman. Bagwell said he is proud to be part of a group of soldiers whose main job is to fight on the front lines.

“My unit is in Broken Arrow, Charlie Company of 1-279,” said Bagwell. “As 11 Bravo my job is to be the front line in combat. I am one of the main fighting forces on the ground.”

Bagwell said anyone looking for a challenge and a way to better their position in life should consider the National Guard.

“I would highly encourage any 17-year-old to join. I came in with little to no pride, discipline, motivation or physical readiness. Just from the year I have been in, my morals are much straighter, my mental and physical health better than it has ever been. With what I’ve been through at basic and at drill, I better myself every day on top of the benefits that they offer you. If you want to serve your country and better yourself in every way possible join the military,” said Bagwell.

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